Still Growing

She is seven months old!  Just this week she got good at sitting up.  She may topple over eventually, but it is a controlled topple now.  There is some interest in getting on all fours, and she is quite mobile with a combination of rolling and spinning.

She loves eating solids with the help of her 6 teeth, 4 of which all came in at the same time.  Besides food, she gets excited about a fist full of hair to pull (either Odessa’s or Mom’s), getting tickled, the bouncy chair at “baby school,” slapping tables, doing double leg drop-kicks, baby talk “ha-na-na” and food.

We just started weekly swim classes and she shared her first bath with her big sister.  Slapping water is even more fun than slapping tables, and she does not mind water in her face at all.

Pearl falls asleep easily, but tends to take cat naps more often than long naps.  Even nights can be a long string of cat naps, strung together by rocking and replacing the pacifier.  She wakes up smiling regardless.