Roll on over

She first rolled over a couple weeks ago.  Big news in baby world, I know.  I hear she can roll from front to back (the “easy” way), but I have yet to see it.  Every time I put her on her back, she crunches her little baby body up and rolls over onto her belly.  She can get her arms out from under her now, but after a few minutes of holding that heavy head up, she face plants forward and squeals.

She maintains her happiest baby status and is a good contender in the cute category, too.

In the bad news category, that new baby smell is gone.  I am not sure when it went away.  I went in for a good sniff today (at the back of the neck) and noticed it was gone.

My favorite moments with Pearl are in the middle of the night, when she wakes up to eat.  She is patient and calm.  When full, I rest her head on my shoulder, near my neck and pat her back for a burp.  She is totally relaxed and her head seems heavy on my shoulder.  Her soft hair comforts my cheek.  In these moments I am in baby paradise.  Thank you, baby.